Styling Made Simple

Simple Styling: Vintage Hair Workshop from Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos

Thursday October 13th, 6pm -8pm, £25

Rose-tinted Vintage shop, 4 Clair Court, Bedford

Sadly gone are the days of women passing on hair techniques mother to daughter, but in their place has sprung up a whole host of fantastic stylists, hair parlours and pop up salons all there to help give you that glamorous vintage look.

I get asked a lot how do I do my hair, the answer is with a lot of research & practise, one of my favourite places to find inspiration is my collection of The Picture Post magazines.

I spend a lot of time looking through old book and magazines for styles that really stand out and to see what type of  accessories work with which style.

I really love the variety of 1940s and 1950s styles, there are so many looks to chose from, below are a few of my current favourites that I wear on a regular basis.

Left to right: 1. Victory rolls, these are very versatile, you can do them a number of ways, 2. This up-do is made up of 3 large curls, it looks great on its own or you can tie a bandana around it for a more 1940s factory girl look, 3. This last look is based on a Marilyn Monroe look and involves setting lotion and rollers or pin-curling it in certain directions and leaving it to set.

So if you want to learn the tricks, tips and cheats to get that vintage look then you might like to know I’ll be running a workshop on October 13th, 6-8pm at the Rose-tinted Vintage shop in Bedford. Don’t panic if you haven’t ever styled your hair vintage before as this workshop is about the basics and if you already know a few things then I can show you a few more plus give you some great tips and cheats to make styling your hair simpler.

I’ll be helping you to create everyday wearable but stunning styles from the 1940s and 50s. I’ll show you how to curl your hair, the techniques I use on a daily basis, what products to use and how to dress the style with accessories for the time period. Learn in a fun & friendly environment and on top of that we’ll be keeping the tea and cake flowing  plus you’ll leave with my ‘Hair Help’ goody bag:)

To book a place just email : or fill out the following form:

Me in action, Demoing vintage hair styling techniques at the ‘We Are Bedford’ busking festival.


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