Happy Halloween everybody!!!!!

Voodoo Princess (Chrissy) my model vs. Day of the Dead Doll (Jodie) Lizzie’s model

Saturday night myself and Lizzie from Lil Mischief accessories took to the stage for a Halloween hair battle of epic proportions! I just wanted to say a big thanks to our hosts the lovely Ed & Anna from Female Attachment who put on the Shabby Cabaret night, our amazing models Chrissy & Jodie who put on an awesome show, my hair battle partner Lizzie for her amazing Day of the Dead creation and finally our friends and the brilliant audience at the Hobgoblin for all the cheering,  thanks everyone we had a great night!

Lizzie at work!

My creation!

It’s a walk off!!!! After 30 minutes of  creation our girls hit the stage to show off their looks… Happy Halloween form Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Lil Mischief: www.facebook.com/lil.mischief.clothing

Female Attachment: www.facebook.com/pages/Female-Attachment/120870007996239?ref=ts&sk=wall


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