Which Style?

Fancy a vintage hairstyle but not sure what to go for? Well here’s a bit of a guide to some of the looks I can offer.  To discuss a look or book an appointment just email me at curiosityshop4@hotmail.co.uk

Why not  try out a chic beehive, seen in the 50s and big in the 1960’s. This is great for that Joan from Mad Men look, it can even be dressed up with a few pin curls and hair flowers to add some extra glamour, perfect for the Christmas party session.

Beehive with front pin curls.

However if you are looking for a more wearable day look what about adding a bandana, it can take you anywhere from 1940s factory girl to 1950s rockabilly The hair can be curled or put in rolls and then the bandana added for a really pin up girl look, and the best bit is bandanas come in an endless choice of colours, patterns and styles just see below!

Bandanas can be worn in different ways and come in endless colours and styles.

There are so many styles out there and so many things to try. Changing your hair style can have a real impact, so why not try out something new and add a bit of vintage glamour to these dreary winter days.



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