Southern Retro

A few weeks ago I got to meet Mat Keller and sit for photos for his fantastic Southern Retro project. He has been documenting various people in the south east of  England for over a year now and while we may come from all walks of life we have one big thing in common, all of us live a vintage lifestyle. I came across Mat’s website via facebook and loved looking through all the pictures of people who’d sat for him already, these range from burlesque dancers and events organisers to bankers and designers. Each person has a 5 picture gallery of images, mine where taken at my home in front of my 1950s bar (of course) and a bio that gives you an insight into why they live the way they do. You can read mine here on Mat’s site:

The project has just reached a bit of a milestone too as I become number 32 and in Mats own words:

“Today is a landmark day. It took me a year to shoot my first 16 people for the collection It’s now doubled to 32 in the last 3 months!”

So a big thanks you to Mat for including me and a big congratulations on the success of your project, I can’t wait to see who’s next

Southern Retro

Southern Retro

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