Hedna’s the Vintage Nightclub, June 23rd.

Hedna’s June 23rd.

The Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos vintage hair parlour was at Hedna’s vintage nightclub again for the June event and it was another fantastic evening. Hedna’s is your chance to enjoy some great 1930s & 40s tunes, wear your best classic clothing and immerse yourself in an evening of pure exclusive entertainment.

For June’s Hedna’s I went for a more 1930s hairstyle, I set my hair in a pin curl set the night before and sleep on them, then brushed out the curls out and styled my hair into a shorter bobbed style.

1930s hairstyle

The Sarah’s Doo-Wop Do’s vintage hair parlour was on hand to get guests ready for the event and I got to do some fab up-do’s and lots of victory rolls too, including hair for the lovely hostess Edna.

Hedna’s Hair, June 23rd.

Jez Brown Photography was also at the event and captured some fantastic images of the evening including a great one of host Harry!


The next Hedna’s takes place on October 13th and tickets can be bought here. If you want to book in for hair & make-up appointments are available throughout the day just contact me for further details. The October Hedna’s line up includes compare Viv the Spiv and 1940s style singing group the Marjorie Belles.

Viv the Spiv, by Jez Brown Photography.

Myself, Lizzie from Lil Mischief & Emily from Emily Presents at Hedna’s by Jez Brown Photography.


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