Victory Rolls Workshop!

Victory Roll Workshop.

Well it’s not all doom & gloom at Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos HQ, Festival of History may have been a wash out but Twinwood Festival is just around the corner and we’re really looking forward to it, if you haven’t got your tickets yet make sure to do so!

As Rose-tinted Vintage home to the Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos vintage hair parlour is just 15mins away from Twinwood Arena, RTV & Sarah’s Doo-Wop Do’s will be helping everyone to get ready in style! 

On Friday August 10th I’ll be running a fab workshop at RTV to teach you all the tricks to getting the perfect pair of victory rolls, this style is the perfect accompaniment to your outfit whether it’s a 1940s or 1950s look your after. Originating from the 1940s during the war,  victory rolls were a way for woman to keep long hair safely tucked up and away from machinery in the factories. The rolls are believed to have been named after a planes victory maneuver and were worn by patriotic women throughout the war years. Victory rolls are now an iconic look worn by many vintage lovers.

The great thing about victory rolls are that they can be worn a variety of ways as the pictures above on the left show. The techniques for doing the rolls also form the basis of many great vintage hair looks and are a great step into being about to do simple but stunning vintage hair styles on your own hair. Workshop places are priced at £25 per person for the 2 hour lesson with light refreshment. At a SDWD’s workshops you learn in a fun and friendly environment and classes are kept small so you get lots of help and guidance along the way. Each participant also gets a ‘hair help’ goody bag so you can carry on practising at home.

As well as the workshop I’ll be available at Rose-tinted Vintage over the Twinwood Festival weekend for vintage hair styling, perfect for those staying in Bedford and wanting to arrive looking their best!

Appointments will be available at Rose-tinted Vintage shop at the following times:

Saturday 25th Aug- 8am onwards

Sunday 26th Aug – 8am – 10pm

Monday 27th Aug – 8am – 11am

Appointments can be booked by calling 07532444394 or emailing me at

Rose-tinted Vintage is situated in Clair court just off Bedford High St.


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