Frequently Asked Question…’how long will a style hold?’

I’m often asked how long a style will hold as lots of customers are having their hair done before heading off to a wedding/party/event and need a style to last a full day and evening. I’m regularly told by my customers that my styles hold up excellently and have had many ladies tell my that the style will often last not just the night of the event but well into the next day, some ladies have even kept a style going over a whole weekender!

Emily's style still in place the next day!

Emily’s style still in place the next day!

Here’s a great example of one of my styles holding up and without assistance! I did my friend Emily’s hair at Hedna’s at about 5pm in the afternoon (top row pics), she partied the night away and even after a night of dancing and a good nights sleep she woke up with an intact hairstyle and sent me these pics (bottom row pics) of herself out at Winter Wonderland in London the next day, braving the cold with fab hair.

Now to keep a style in over a whole weekend and not just one night does take a little bit more work but with a bit of careful maintaining it is certainly possible and I often do it myself. You just need to add a few grips, a hairnet and scarf ( I find chiffon ones work best for this) into your hair kit and you’ll be surprised at how well a style survives the night. As for which styles are best for longevity, generally up-dos will survive intact despite the constant bad weather we seem to be having at the moment but even curls will generally hold well and Emily’s hairdo above is certainly great proof of how well a Sarah’s Doo-Wop Do can hold up.


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