How To Style Victory Rolls.

I thought I’d share this style along with a set of ‘how to’ pics as this is a style I do a lot, this leads on from the pics so Hair Obsessed published.

This is a great style to learn for 1940s events and adds an extra touch of glamour to your outfit. It’s also practical and can take you easily from day to night, you can just add a brooch or flower for a more evening version. The rolled back keeps the hair neatly tucked up and means your hair stays in place and you can get on with having a fun day come rain or shine (sadly more rain last year).

Equipment list: curling tongs, hair pins, rat tail comb, hair brush, hairspray.

Step 1. Section the hair into front, sides and back part. Curl your fringe with heated tongs and pin it with a grip at the front in an elevated curl. Create your victory rolls by rolling the hair up to the hairline and pinning in place with grips, you can curl the hair first with tongs to help it stay in place and backcomb the roots a little.
Step 2. Unpin the elevated curl (fringe section) at the front and sweep it to the side and create a flat curl detail, keep in place with a hair grip and a blast of hairspray.
Step 3. Now working on the back of the style, split the rest of the hair into two sections. Secure the top section out of the way and leave aside. Take the bottom section & roll it up into a barrel roll, if easier roll up in two or three parts or roll it round a pre-made rat made from a cut up bun donut.
Step 4. Secure the barrel roll with hair grips at the ends and along the roll and them spray in place.
Step 5. Finally let down the rest of your hair and carefully fashion it into flat pin-curls along the barrel roll (can be a little messy), pin the curls with grips as you go and finally fix all in place with hairspray.

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