Monthly meet & greet – Miss Lily Stark

Zombies! Copyright Jez Brown Photography

Zombies! Copyright Jez Brown Photography

As part of a new blog feature I’m going to give a monthly interview slot to a model, performer, photographer or act I’ve worked with and get to know them a little better.

First up is the fantastic Miss Lily Stark, I’ve worked with Lily on a number of occasions often on the darker, edgier side of pin-up and together with Jez Brown Photography we’ve created theatrical pin-up images featuring pin-up zombies and Barbarella inspired space vixens.

Lily specialises in latex, pin-up, erotic and nude images and is covered in beautifully colourful tattoos, many done by her talented fiancé. With shocking pink hair when I first met her, then later blue and now blonde hair, Lily has a look as unique as she is. When not creating gorgeous images she’s in her own words ‘a body piercer, receptionist & drinks monkey’ alongside her tattooist fiancé at Mr Personality Tattoo in Sheffield and she promises if you pop in for a tattoo session she can ‘make you a great brew’!

So Miss Stark tell me a little bit about what got you into modelling?
About 6 years ago I have been in a bad relationship and had been made to feel like a fat useless nothing, then I met my current partner and he could see me for who I could be and wanted to help build my confidence so suggested I do a shoot with a friend of his. I did it and needless to say I’ve never looked back! I love modelling, I feel free when the camera is on me and it’s helped to build my confidence no end.

I love your modelling name, Miss Lily Stark, is there a particular reason for this name?
Yes, firstly the ‘Lily’ comes from me having a large lily tattoo on my side and the ‘Stark’ comes from my love of Marvel comics and the character Tony Stark (Iron Man) .

Ah yes you mentioned your tattoo’s and as a painted lady myself I do admire your ink can you give me a little description/rundown of your fabulous tatts?
Of course and thank you, it’s built to be quite a list over the years! I have a little tattoo of the Phoenix Force symbol behind my left ear (again my love of Marvel) and the words ‘Little Phoenix’ behind my right ear, this is a little nickname I have. On my chest I have a pearl necklace that goes all the way around. My left arm is a pirate/tiki sleeve that is nearly done now and this is for my fun side, its filled with colour and silly things I like including my cat Starscream scrubber diving! On the right arm I have a Japanese mythology sleeve going on, I like to call it my protection sleeve as it has a pair of Foo Dogs, a Kitsune and a Japanese Goddess on it. My left side has a large lily piece, which as it was one of the first pieces I got, I like to think of as the me that has bloomed into who I am today. Lastly (so far), on the tops of my feet I have a cat head and a fox head, this is a new school piece that I liked the look of and it also has some lyrics from a Bon Iver song written on them.

Have you got a favourite modelling moment to date?
For me there is always something that happens on a modelling job that makes it special. I think at the moment the one that stands out is really recent when I was doing some art nude work with Jordane Roberts Photography. We were out in the woods down in Norwich during the week which is normally a pretty quiet time for doing this sort of thing and we were working away but every so often a dog walker would come by and it would be a race to throw a coat over me to stop them from seeing anything that may upset them! A few of them I’m sure knew what we were doing but they did their best not to look and try and get their dogs to come away and stop sniffing us and wanting to play!

You recently changed your hair dramatically, what was the thinking behind your new look?
A couple of reasons really, I felt that a lot of girls had brightly coloured hair and it was stopping me from been noticed for anything more than having bright hair and I wanted to go for a more classic look. It means that I can do more things that are classed as beauty/higher end fashion as well. Also, I had been dying my hair like that for about three years and it was starting to take its toll so I wanted to give it a rest. No doubt that at some point in the future though I’ll go back to a funky colour!

Can you describe your everyday style? To me, my everyday style is a sort of relaxed modern day/soft pinup look. My clothes are rather normal I guess but my day to day make up is a simple pinup feel and I always like to wear a pearl neck for that extra bit of class to my look.

So what can we expect next from Miss Lily Stark?
Next you’ll be seeing me really working to raise the bar. I want this to be the year that I work my arse off and get to work with all the people I want to and get myself on to a cover of a (hopefully several) national/international publication!

To contact Lily for a photo shoot or to just keep up-to-date with her you can follow her on Twitter & Facebook or through her website.




Space Vixen Miss Lilly Stark wearing Pearls & Swine by Jez Brown Photography.

Space Vixen Miss Lilly Stark wearing Pearls & Swine by Jez Brown Photography.


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