The Pin-up in World War II

At workWhilst working at Hedna’s last Saturday I saw Ian from Sabrestorm publishing and the 1940s society, who DJ’s at the event & I picked up a copy of his fab new book The Pin-up in World War II by Mike Brown.

Having already got several of Sabrestorm’s titles such as The 1940s Look & The 1950s Look, I’m a big fan & I recommend these titles to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge on these eras. The look books are great as they cover lots of aspects of the decades everything from fashion to my favourite areas hair & make-up. There is even a new title The 1960s Look set to be published this year so I’ll be completing my set.

The Pin-up book is something a little different and I made sure to have a bit of a read of it between hair clients that evening. The author Mike Brown is a real authority on this era and I love his writing style, informative yet not too formal.  The book covers the history of pin-up and has sections on British pin-up (I found this section particularly interesting) and non British pin-up. It’s also picture heavy with some great examples of the genre, again the ones I found to be of particular interest were the British images, very different to the Vargas & Elvgren pin-up  images I’m so familiar with.

The book is priced at a very reasonable £6.99 and is a great little read for those who love pin-up and want to know more about it. It’s a 64 page book in colour and if it sounds like your kind of thing you can get yourself a copy here.


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