Happy Halloween Everyone!

I love this time of year, I get to wear my favourite vintage jackets and coats, the trees are beautiful and Halloween is just around the corner!

It’s a bit of a tradition now for myself and Jez Brown Photography to do a Halloween shoot and in previous years we have covered zombies, The Mummy, as well as Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride.

This year we teamed up with model Dani Mai and I set about creating her a Medusa headpiece so we could turn her into a real snake charmer.

The start of the wig, plastic snakes from Bedford fancy dress store Narnia and the wig took me about 4 hours to create.


Starting the snake headpiece.


Start of the Medusa wig




The final wig, snakes, leaves & synthetic dreads.

The make-up I designed for the look…


The dramatic make-up look I designed for the shoot.


Dani with full make-up & hair.

The final look… Medusa at the beauty parlour.


Medusa, copyright Jez Brown Photography.

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