How To Do A Hair Bow


I posted a picture of my new favourite style, the hair bow, on the Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos Facebook page. The pic proved very popular so here is my guide to creating the look with the help of Emily one of my fab regular hair models.


1. You’ll need grips, a hair elastic, a comb & brush, hairspray & maybe a little dry shampoo, this can be used at the start to make your hair more manageable & easier to work with.
2. Start by creating a small front section & securing it to one side to be styled at the end.
3. Brush the rest of your hair up into a high ponytail but actually create a loop leaving the end stick out at the back.
4. The hair should fan out.
5. Separate the loop at the middle to create a bow shape, the ends of the hair should be left out at the back (you can do this the other way round with the ends left at the front but I find leaving it at the back worked better for my hair and hide the ends better).
6. Now take the end of the hair and fold it over the middle section of the bow to create a neat band at the front. Pin the hair firmly in place.
7. Spray with hairspray and tidy up any fly aways.
8. With the front section back comb it up into a front roll or quiff.

If you have a go do post your pics to the Facebook page.


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