January Sewing Project Part 2

Well I’m officially back in the swing of things again now and so the sewing project has taken a bit of a back seat as there is lots of hair to be styled. Here are a few of the other skirts I’ve had time to do, hopefully I carry on and get the pile that’s left finished when I get a moment.

So what do you wear to a burger night at a friends? Why a Hawaiian print skirt of course. This skirt was cut down from a dress that although I loved was rather unflattering. When I originally made this I didn’t have the belt loops but I added them to create a better shape. This picture was a pain to take as Rolo (my pet skunk) wanted her dinner and so kept running in the picture. I wore my hair down which I don’t usually do as it’s got so long but I kept my usual rolled fringe.

photo 5

The next look I wore this look to teach victory rolls at a local W.I meeting, so obviously did my hairstyle to suit. The ladies did a great job on creating victory rolls and gibson rolls and I loved that my cardie matched my retro Pifco hairdryer. This skirt was cut down from another summer dress that wasn’t a flattering length.



Ok, so this next look clearly isn’t a skirt but I went to a meeting the other day and on the way back I met up with a friend in London for drinks. While waiting for her to finish work I took advantage of the time to do a little vintage shopping and picked up this jacket for next to nothing! It had very damaged lining and a hood that I wasn’t keen on but I loved the fabric and the slouchy fit so I cut the hood down and re-worked it a little and it’s now my fave jacket, here I wore it to meet a friend out for coffee so just teamed it with my 1940s style Freddies jeans, comfy black top and a big rolled fringe with hair flower.

photo 3

This skirt was made out of one of my favourite ’80s does 40s’ dresses, I loved the print but again the top part of the dress wasn’t a great fit so I cut it down to a longish skirt. I teamed it with a pretty blouse and my favourite knitted jumper I found in a charity shop, plus a little felt brooch I made from a 1940s pattern, did my hair victory rolls and a snood to complete my 40s inspired look.

photo 2

Finally is a black chiffon skirt that was originally a evening dress with a halter neck top that I’d never have worn so it stayed at the back of my wardrobe for a year or so. I teamed it with a cute little bow blouse I found in a local charity shop and plaited my hair  into an updo as only had 5 mins. I wore this out this morning to meet up with a friend to talk wedding blogs over cake.

photo 1

You can see lots more pictures of hairstyling and vintage living in general on my social media sites Twitter Facebook and Instagramdoowopdo-signiture

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