Novelty Brooches


This has been a growing obsession of mine, I love a good rummage around vintage shops & charity shops and recently I’m finding I tend to be drawn to brooches above all else.

A few in my collection were presents like the dinky vintage skunk brooch my partner got me which earned him some serious brownie points, or the adorable poodle brooch a friend found me.

Then there’s the brooches that remind me of my travels like the amazing Frida Kahlo Bakerlite brooch I picked up at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and the lovely cat brooch I bought in Paris on my 30th Birthday visit.

Some were bought from vintage traders and are more collectable pieces like the Avon Woodland Animal 1970s skunk brooch that I picked up at Twinwood Festival to celebrate a great weekend. Or the little cake plate that was made by a talented local artist friend Rebecca De Winter.

Others were just bought cheaply from local charity shops to compliment outfits, like the cactus brooch, my most recent purchase, which I stumbled across for £2!

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