My Weekend Hairdos

20140127-203159.jpgThis weekend was a busy one both work wise and socially. I worked on Saturday and then went out for dinner to a lovely Mexican restaurant with my boyfriend and of course I couldn’t resist theming my outfit. As the weather was awful I keep my hairdo simple so I just plaited the back into a sort of Frida Kahlo style and tonged the front into a big S curl with lots of volume, luckily I didn’t need the rain bonnet in the end. 20140127-203401.jpg Sunday I had a photo shoot with Jez Brown Photography for my new website pictures (up soon, watch this space) and then I had a evening of spontaneous drinks and dinner out with friends, well I couldn’t let my photo shoot look go to waste now could I!20140127-203958.jpgBy this morning my hair had been through quite a bit but as I was off out shopping with a friend I decided to tame it with a simple 5 minute bun hairdo.20140127-204346.jpgdoowopdo-signiture

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