London Edge

20140204-124102.jpgWhen the fab Charly White, my talented friend and owner of Restoration Cake, suggested a visit to the London Edge I jumped at the idea! I hadn’t been to the trade show in years and a day chatting with a friend while we look at some of the best alternative brands out there was too good to pass up.

I decided to create a poodle updo for the day, basically because it worked well with my hair colour and would be very travel hardy! The style was certainly tested when the line to Olympia wasn’t working and I had to dash around trying to find a new route, luckily I met another red haired stranded Edger on the platform and we got there in the end!20140204-124532.jpgOnce there we watched fashion shows, chatted to some fab traders and tried on some great outfits. One of my favourites was this great Raccoon print dress from Vanity Project Dresses by Limb, finally a dress that combines my love of exotic animals and vintage styling!20140204-144633.jpgCharly unleashed her inner burlesque queen and tried on these amazing feather collars by B Barbarella and I definitely think she needs these for when her new book Burlesque Baking is released!20140204-130649.jpgWe also meet the fab ladies behind Silly Old Sea Dog, I had to chat to them after spying their adorable logo with their little dog on, I use to have an Airedale Terrier growing up so it caught my eye and their dresses are just lovely.20140204-132026.jpg
I also caught up with a lovely local lady who sadly I have no pic of but do checkout her site Claireabella’s Closet. Then we chatted to the fab folks behind label The Streamstress of Bloomsbury. 20140204-144834.jpgThey even gave us a great hairband sample, they clearly knew the way to a hairstylists heart, so expect lots of pics of me in this! I love their whole brand look as it’s very authentic 1940’s and the attention to detail is stunning so I’d definitely recommend taking a look at their site.20140204-134549.jpgSomehow amongst all the chatting we even managed to catch a fashion show! 20140204-135911.jpgBut of course no day trip would be complete without a selfie, so here’s ours. Looking back at the pics I realise we even managed to accidentally colour coordinate our outfits, now that’s teamwork!20140204-140341.jpg

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