New hair for me!

My new fringe!

My new fringe!

During a visit to see a friend of mine ,who happens to be fab Northampton based hairdresser Sidonie (Aurora Loves), I mentioned missing my old Bettie Page style fringe, well then this happened!

I’m hoping this new look will save me a bit of styling time as my hair has gotten so long and the fringe was very grown out meaning I had to style it constantly to make it look presentable. The fringe has already held up to the blustery weather and a fitness class!

However new hair never feels quite ‘me’ until I’ve had a bit of a practise styling with it to check all my favourite, go-to styles still suit. Here are a few of my style staples done today with my new fringe, excuse the rubbish quality phone pictures. I think the fringe has definitely re-kindled my love for victory rolls.

1. Headscarf updo   2. Victory rolls   3. 1940s rolls and barrel curls   4. Messy bun updo

5. Beehive, half up/half down  6. Poodle   7. Frida Kahlo plaits   8. Pin-up victory rolls

Trying out style with my new fringe.doowopdo-signiture

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