A Vintage Sunday

Strawberry milkshake time at Ed's diner.

Strawberry milkshake time at Ed’s diner.

Today I visited the fab vintage fair MKhandmade and Vintage Market in Middleton Hall, Centre MK to have a bit of a rummage around and catch up with everyone. I headed over with my partner Tom & friend Jez (of Jez Brown Photography) as these guys love vintage nearly as much as I do!

The fair there is great as it’s huge & it’s free to get in, so leaving all the more pennies to spend on the stalls and there were some fab finds to be had (all at a very reasonable price too!). I had a bit of a shopping list in mind but generally I was quite happy to stroll around and see what caught my eye.

But first things first, we couldn’t shop on empty stomachs and as it was lunchtime we decided to try out the outdoor Ed’s Diner for chilli dogs and milkshake to mop up the cocktails from the night before! I have to say the milkshakes were amazing and my hotdog really hit the spot, luckily we did a fair bit of walking afterwards as I needed to work it all off!

We hit the market and fell in love with the most amazing jukebox, I think if we’d had a few grand spare it would of come home with one of us, check out jukeboxmusic for more amazing things like this.

Jukebox of my dreams!

Jukebox of my dreams!

Fab stalls.

Fab vintage stalls.

I picked up some great bits at the fair, a necklace, brooch and even some vintage hair clips but after watching Clueless this week I was really after some plaid and tartan to add to my wardrobe so when I stumbled across a fab 1970s maxi skirt on the Utterly Clutterly stand I had to have it! As it has a tiny waist I decided I’d alter it as I did with my ‘dress to skirts‘ project, I cut the skirt down to a better length for me and then just sewed on a waistband and added elastic for an easy alteration. I have a feeling I will be wearing this a lot!

A Clueless inspired work in progress...

A Clueless inspired work in progress…

The final result!

The final result!


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