Friend or Foe

A few weeks ago I spent a fantastic 6 days backstage working on a new musical production of ‘Friend or Foe’ based on the novel by Micheal Morpurgo (the same author as War Horse). The production was a new musical arrangement written by the talented Ruth Lusby & Tim Brewster and Micheal Murpurgo himself even came along to see the show! As well as praising the production and cast I’m told he thought the hair was spot on!

In my role I was asked to create 1940s looks for the productions principal woman and young girls for the show’s sold out run. The story is set in the countryside during World War II and characters for the production included land girls, farmers wives, school children and mothers. With the actors often playing more than one role in the production I decided to create victory roll based hairstyles that gave an instantly recognisable 1940s look and that would stand up to multiple costume changes, dance routines and could be down quickly each night. Below are my pictures from a great week.

My station for the week.

My station for the week.


Victory rolls galore.


More cast members and their victory rolls.


The landgirl look for the directors.


Calm backstage after the cast have all gone on stage so taking selfies 😉


All dressed up ready to see the musical myself!


Setting hair to hold up to the dance routines!


The flyer, more hair and the production in full swing.


The fantastic cast!


Michael Morpurgo came to see the production and said very complimentary things to the cast and nice things about the hair!


Creating BIG hair for the River Diva.


Such a lovely card from everyone, it was a real pleasure to work with you all!

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