1940s Boutique – Part 1

1940s Boutique - Model: Katrina Hair and make-up: Sarah Dunn (Sarah's Doo-Wop Dos) Clothing: Rose-tinted Vintage Bedford Copyright of Jez Brown Photography

1940s Boutique

This was going to be just one blog post but with all the pictures that I have to share from both before the event and from the actual event itself just one post wasn’t enough to do them justice, so I’ve split it into two parts. Part One, this part with the promotion shoot and Part Two, the pictures from the event that will be posted this Sunday so don’t forget to pop back.

I announced the ‘1940s Boutique’ in collaboration with the Bletchley Park team back at the beginning of this year in January. Then last Saturday (March 15th) I taught the first workshop day on site (in the rather lovely Ballroom of the Mansion) to a great group of ladies who impressed me so much with their skills and enthusiasm. During the day long course I showcased how to create and style an authentic but wearable 1940s hair and make-up look, a style inspired by the women workers of Bletchley Park.

The following shoot was done as promotion for the ‘1940s Boutique’ and to give an idea of the style I would be teaching. I decided an on-site shoot would be best, after all Bletchley Park is an amazing looking site, so we all headed up to the Park on a chilly winter afternoon. My model was the lovely Katrina, owner of Rose-tinted Vintage and as she has an amazing vintage wardrobe she was able to put together a great codebreaker styled forties look for the shoot. My photographer was Jez Brown, and although we are probably best know for our work together on make-over and pin-up shoots he is also a great location photographer so was able to make the most of the site and great some great indoor and outdoor shots. 

For more information on the 1940s Boutique courses running April, May and December of this year please see Bletchley Park’s website here. On Sunday I shall be posting a second blog full of pictures from the event itself.

1940s Boutique 1

1940s Boutique 21940s Boutique 41940s Boutique 51940s Boutique 61940s Boutique 9

Model: Katrina

Hair and make-up: Sarah Dunn of Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos

Clothing: Rose-tinted Vintage Bedford

All photographs are copyright of Jez Browndoowopdo-signiture

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