My Vintage Hair Styling Tips-

1. Day old hair, so much easier to work with than squeaky clean, slippery, freshly washed hair but you can add a spritz of dry shampoo to add texture too.
2. Keep it simple, start with something simple and work at perfecting it, see my step by step guides to the hair bow and an easy vintage updo.
3. Accessorize, if one side of the style isn’t working then try adding a glitzy clip or hair flower to balance it out.
4. Backcomb neatly, backcombing is the basis of most vintage styles, as it creates structure. Take your time, do it by small sections and really work into the roots by neatly pulling down the hair with a good comb or brush.
5. Learn what works best for your hair, my hair is very thick and heavy so I tend to wear it up a lot (follow me on my Instagram for my regular hair pics). If I do wear it down in curls I find a wet set overnight or using hot sticks for a quick set works best for me and gives me the best long lasting curls. Different things work for different people & hair types so experiment and find the best for you.
6. Get a basic hair tool kit together, it can be as simple as a small barrel curling tong (Boots do a good one for just £9.99), hair grips, a rat tail comb, rounded hairbrush, hairspray & dry shampoo. Have a few vintage styling accessories in there too, hair flowers, headscarfs, snoods, hats etc. There’s no need to spend a fortune though, so checkout local discount stores like Savers and Bodycare for bargains!
7. Practice using hair grips, getting a style to hold securely with just a few hidden pins takes time so do practice.
8. Use what’s out there, the internet is full of how to videos, picture posts etc and I run workshops and have a regular styling guide in Vintage Life Magazine, check out April’s issue for my Bletchley Park inspired victory roll step by step picture guide on sale from today.
9. Get inspired, places like Pinterest are a great source of vintage hairstyle pictures, check out my board of styles that inspire me here.
10. Be confident, experiment and have fun!


One if my recent hairstyles and the inspiration pic.

One of my recent hairstyles and the inspiration pic.

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