Fire water

A few weeks ago I got invited to a whisky tasting run by a lovely school friend of mine, Kat and her dad Dave, their passion for whiskey has led them to create these tasting events under the name Whisky Discovery. I freely admit that I know nothing about whisky but it sounded fun plus I’m always up for trying new things and although I’m not really a spirits person I liked the idea of sampling the good stuff. My partner in crime for the evening was Jez Brown, event photographer and whisky lover. The event was held at the Embankment Hotel in Bedford and as it’s such a nice place I decided to dress up a bit and what better to wear to a tasting than a twenties, prohibition era inspired outfit, complete with waved, faux bobbed hairdo. I may have been watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire recently so this was probably influencing me a bit here.


So all dressed up I headed off, the tasting was in a beautiful private room and during the evening we got to try 6 whiskies that had been expertly paired with various delicious nibbles. I really enjoyed the night, it was a friendly group and Kat and Dave made for very informative and fun hosts, and afterwards the group stayed chatting for a few more drinks and for a few last tastes of their favourite bottle. As you get to sample different whiskies each time I’ll definitely be going again, so if you want to find out more about Whisky Discovery and their events you can follow them on twitter, Facebook or their blog. Below are some of Jez Brown’s event pictures.








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