Star Wars Day Part 2 (or 5)

May the 4th.jpgI unleashed my inner Star Wars fan this weekend with a few friends to the celebrate May the 4th. A few months ago I threw a Star Wars dinner party and in return our friends had us over to celebrate May the 4th with a night out and and all day film marathon! Now for me there will only ever be 3 films, the original 3 have a certain charm I don’t think will ever be matched, although the news of new Star Wars being filmed in Bedford is very exciting! So for Sunday we lined up A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back (my all time favourite film) and Return of the Jedi, and I decided to create myself a little costume to complete the day. So what clothing could be better for hungover slobbing around with your mates in than a Wookiee onesie!

I may have to be surgically removed from this, it's just too comfty!

I may have to be surgically removed from this, it’s just too comfty!

I customised mine from a cheap Monkey onesie I got in town but added a fleecy belt that I made to match Chewbacca’s from the films and it worked quite well I think. Tom decided he was up for a bit of costuming too so I quickly customised an old t-shirt of his with a bit of craftying felt I had laying around, I was a bit pushed for time so ended up gluing the letters on but it did the job.


Tom liked the t-shirt I made him!


He would you know!

As our friends have a new dog, Milo, so we decided to take our Skunk, Rolo, (who we also affectionately refer to as a little Ewok) over so they could play. I thought they’d be about the same size but as Milo is an Italian Greyhound the skunk was actually a bit bigger than him! We had quite a laugh watching them playing together and then Milo, who is unbelievably cuddly, joined us to watch films.


Our lovely friends who we celebrated May the 4th with.

After our movie marathon we decided to end the weekend with a trip to the pub and the onesie was swapped out for R2D2 hair! I used a 50p toy I got in a charity shop, it’s been sat in the parlour for ages and I’d forgotten about it, it was light so wasn’t uncomfortable and I managed to secure it into my poodle hairstyle from the day before. I twisted some of my hair around it legs (a bit like in The Empire Strikes Back when the rebels take down the AT-AT with the tow ropes) and pinned it all securely in place. It actually held till the end of the night!


R2D2 Doo-Wop Do

The rest of my outfit was thrown together quickly and I picked a pastel stripy summer skirt that I made out of a charity shop dress, it sort of fitted the colour scheme and I themed my bangles blue and white to match the R2D2 unit. The skirt is part of a sewing project I started in January and you can see part 1 and part 2 for other outfits.


Another of my make-do and mend skirts, I should of ironed it first!


R2D2 colour co-ordinated bangles.

I wasn’t the only one with Star Wars themed headgear down the pub as my friend Tea was sporting a rather fab Sith Lord hair flower, seems appropriate as apparently today is Revenge of the 5th (May 5th, Sith, get it!).

Darth Maul made an appearance.

Darth Maul made an appearance.

10323047_10152827186515715_589023911_nI hope everyone’s having a great bank holiday and remember if you have a mo and you like my vintage hair styling work, Star Wars themed or otherwise, please do vote for me in the National Vintage Awards, I’m listed as Sarah Dunn in the Vintage Beauty & Grooming category and your support is much appreciated:

I’ll leave you with this fantastic picture of the Star Wars cast and May The 4th Be With You!


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