hr_maleficent_pIt’s no secret that I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Disney’s Maleficent. I’m a big Disney fan, as readers of this blog will probably already have seen, and I’m not adverse to a bit of Disney villain ‘Disney Bounding’ on occasion (as my Mad Madam Mim outfit proved.)  Although I grew up watching Snow White and the 101 Dalmatians, I’ve begun to appreciate these films a new as an adult, and I really enjoy the new, edgier and more subversive side of Disney that comes through in films like Tangled and Frozen. I was a big fan of the live action 101 Dalmatians with Glenn Close, mainly because her Creulla De Vil costumes were AMAZING (but also because there was an Airedale Terrier in it; my childhood dog.)

So, when Maleficent came along, obviously I had to go see it! I decided to dress for the occasion so went for the signature red lip (not great when eating popcorn but it did survive) and dark eyes with sharp eyebrows and big sculptural hair, though not quite horns as I wasn’t sure that would go down well in cinema seats behind me! I went to the cinema today really just hoping for some make-up and wardrobe inspiration (and to get a closer look at those cheekbones) but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Although it’s a kids film, it’s really good fun, beautifully styled, has some good twists and Angelina Jolie is spellbinding. Her Maleficent is brilliant and more than a little complex. It really is the Angelina show!


‘Hello Beastie’ I couldn’t resist channeling a bit of the Maleficent look for my trip to the cinema today 😉

This week has really been Maleficent themed as on Monday we got together with my friend Liz to channel a little of her inner villain. Liz has an amazing Gothic wardrobe and had a few bits she wanted to use, like the amazing wire crown pictured below. We decided that, with the release of Maleficent this week, we should go for that sort of look but with a bit of vintage hair and pin-up attitude in the mix still and so I set about creating the below hair and make-up look on her.

I started with my favourite photo finish primer by Smashbox and a full coverage 123 Perfect Foundation by Bourjois, as it comes in very pale tones, perfect for this look. I then contoured the face with my Mac palette in fair and a darker Bourjois foundation and set with a little Mac powder. I completely re-drew the brows and went for a sharp, dark look, created with a kohl pencil and then set with black shadow. I highlighted the area under the arch with white shadow to create a really sharp look. The rest of the eye was done with a Bobbi Brown shadow in lilac, then blended with a dark purple and black from my Sleek palette and lined with my Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner. The lips were lined with a bright red Sleek lip pencil. I added a little black shadow to the edges to create a darker, shapely lip, before covering with a deep red lip colour from my Sleek palette.

For the hair we decided on victory rolls to give a horn like feel and I added a half wig of synthetic black hair to create fullness and give a really dramatic shadow.


Liz’s hair and make-up look.

Just as I arrived back from the cinema today I saw Jez Brown had posted an edited image from the shoot. What good timing he has!


Model: Liz. MUAH: Sarah Dunn of Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos. Copyright of Jez Brown Photography. All props and clothing models own.

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