Kitsch Kitchen


I’m a finalist in the NVAs!

It’s been another very exciting and busy few weeks here and I do have some very exciting news, as I’ve made it into the finals of the National Vintage Awards!!! I wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has voted for me and all the amazing support and comments I’ve had over the last month. I’ll be off to the finals in a few weeks so hopefully the judges will like me too and I will report back with the final outcome, so please do keep your fingers crossed for me!

So before all of that I had planned to tell you about my new look kitchen so apologies for the late posting of this!

My Kitchen has long been a source of irritation to me, it was dark, dingy and had a very 90s looking mottled brown work surface that never looked clean, it always looked like it had tea spilt on it due to the pattern! The cupboards where also brown and tatty and it never felt like it was really part of my home, so with a dinner party coming up I decided it was time to change all that. Below is my old, tired kitchen.


The old kitchen was very dis-jointed and full of things I didn’t need anymore like a broken washing machine and far too many wall cabinets that made the room feel very small.

I started by re-working the work surface and decided as I didn’t like any of the ones for sale I would do my own thing in the same way I did my dressing table. I still had lots of vintage adverts left over from doing it but this time rather than beauty adverts I picked mainly ones to do with food and kitchen products. I glued them all over the surface and then once fully dry I spent 24, long hours adding layer upon layer of varnish till the surfaces were water tight and useable. I had bought ‘Pretty Pink’ paint by Dulux, the sugariest pink I could find plus several metres of kitsch baby blue fabric from a local sewing shop Singers and set about freshening up the rest of the room. I already had lots of things I wanted to display in the kitchen, lots of vintage glass ware, bar ware and pictures, so as soon as the painting was finished the whole room come together in the space of a day! I even had time to re-paint an old set of shelves to match the new wall colour, as it was perfect for displaying trinkets on. I even sewed and fitted my own cupboard covers and curtains plus made a matching headscarf for myself with  the left over fabric!

Below are a few pics of the finished room and I’m thrilled with it! I love to cook and host dinner parties so I spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen and it’s great to have it finally looking how I’ve always wanted it plus I’ll probably do a few photo-shoots in it too, it’s just too pretty not to use.


The new look kitchen!


More kitchenalia; I treated myself to a few things that matched my new colour scheme and was able to display more of my vintage finds like my coffee pots and novelty salt & pepper sets.


One thought on “Kitsch Kitchen

  1. Such a beautiful idea for a work surface and I love the vintage ‘Bathroom’ sign! I love the idea of using it for photo-shoots. Good luck with the NVA- you definitely deserve to win. Nancy xxx

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