They’re In The Jailhouse Now…

So when Jez Brown suggested a group shoot with a pin-up/Chain Gang theme, my mind immediately went to this song from one of my favourite films ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ … you can listen here. However, classic movie guy that he is, Jez was thinking more along the lines of the classic film Cool Hand Luke.

My hairstyling brief for the shoot was to create pin-up style hair that was not too perfect (really at odds with what I normally do). Jez wanted the girls to look tough so I went for big, bold hair styles and kept the hairdo’s to simple victory rolls and bandana style updos that were a bit more edgy than vintage.

Here’s a little look behind the scenes:

Jez had invited a great group of girls including pin-up gals Ria Fend, Ava Aviacion, Lillian Love, Lola Diamond, Eva Dane, do check out their pages for some amazing pictures! So with the hot sun beating down on us we set about shooting, with the weather so glorious it definitely felt like we were in the deep south. For the shoot Jez had asked the awesome Tiki Paul to bring along his beautiful Buick to use as the warden’s car and my partner Tom played the part of the warden, who was in charge of keeping the girls in order, my dog Suki & pet skunk Rolo also joined in the fun! I had arranged for us to use Twinwood Museum as the location for the day and they were lovely hosts, the site is amazing and the museum is currently open on Sundays from 1st May 2011 10.30 am to 4pm up untill 16th Oct 2011 and I highly recommend a visit, more info on the museum can be found here on their facebook page. Jez had borrowed work tools and Ava had arranged for the girls to all be clothed in some great denim from Freddies of Pinewood, I literally live in my Freddies so if you haven’t already do check out their site and treat yourself.

So after all that planning and a very fun day here’s the final edits from Jez Brown Photography. I think  you can tell from the pictures what an original and fun project it was to be involved with.


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