Vintage Wardrobe

A vintage wardrobe is a full time commitment. From keeping the dreaded moths at bay to regular mending and clothing maintenance, it truly is a labour of love!

Since my summer has been rather busy one so far with lots of fab events and bookings, my poor wardrobe ( ok, in truth it is a spare room really ) has been rather neglected as of late, so I took a day out and began the tidy up.

It’s definitely easier to put an outfit together now everything is organised properly and although my jewellery collection was a bit of a nightmare to sort, now that it all hangs up on the wall it’ll get a lot less damaged! I even clipped (some) of my hair flowers to strips of ribbon, which is so much neater than the boxes they were stuffed in. I also had a good clear out and created a lot more room, as well as adding to the pile of clothes that need to be fixed (or re-worked if they are really worn out.) I’ve been feeling very inspired by Dawn Porter’s new show about vintage,’This Old Thing’, as, although I love my vintage, sometimes it needs a little help to become the item I really want. In all the clearing, my novelty brooch collection even got pinned to some old ties I had, and my favourite handbags are now nicely displayed. I can’t promise it’ll stay this way forever but its a good start!


Mischief managed!


I even found a good organising solution for my novelty brooch collection!


Took a break mid-tidying for a quick lunch in the sunshine with my partner Tom and decided to wear my new-to-me Mexican skirt, that I’ve added a row of pom-poms to.


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