Bangles, Hot Stack!

I LOVE jewellery, bangles in particular at the moment. I have a huge collection of bangles from plastics to bamboo and wood and I’m always on the hunt in the hope of finding some genuine vintage Bakelite but having big hands make it hard to find good bits that actually fit so I often have to make do with modern equivalents, I often referrer to these as fakelite.

My friends are also bangles obsessed, it goes hand in hand with the love of vintage I guess. My partner even calls us a ‘gangle’, his word for a bangle obsessed group! We particularly like to match the bangles to our outfits and do daily ‘bangle porn’ picture posts to each other to showcase our new combinations. We are always picking bits up from each other too, as often one of us can fit them. So here’s a few pictures from our regular ‘bangle porn’ updates, enjoy:


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