Throwback Thursday: Hocus Pocus Halloween

The last few years of my Halloween costumes.

The last few years of my Halloween costumes.

Although it’s over a month late I thought I would do a throwback Thursday post and share my Halloween hair and costume while I had a minute.

I always take Halloween pretty seriously, it’s my teenage Goth side resurfacing I guess. Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun creating some crazy costumes including Sally from one of my favourite films ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, Marie Antoinette ( it’s the big hair), a Ghoulish Geisha (again the hair) and Elvira from another of my favourite films ‘Blithe Spirit’. This year however was a Disney year and it was the 90s classic ‘Hocus Pocus’ that caught my eye.



The film turned up on Netflix along with other firm faves ‘Clueless’ and ‘The Craft’ and being a child of the 90s it seemed like a good fit. I was in Blackpool over Halloween on a well earned break with a couple of friends and as my friend Tea is a redhead it was clear that we HAD to dress as the Sanderson sisters!

I spent a few days working on my costume and fashioned a hair piece for Mary from a cheap supermarket wig, the rest of the outfit was sourced from my own wardrobe and I made a red waistcoat to pull it all together. The whole thing including tights, witch shoe covers, materials and broomstick probably cost no more than £20.

In the daytime we all went to the Pleasure Beach for a day of scaring ourselves on roller coasters. I wore a comfty but still sort of Halloween themed look for the day and decided on an updo (with little skull accessories) as I knew it wouldn’t budge and that’s was just as well as I got turned upside down on some of the rides!!! The rest of my outfit was my handmade Flintstones themed skirt and leopard print comfty top which ended up accidentally matching the theme of part of the park, queue lots of posing!

That evening we headed out for drinks at Flares, a very fun club which served the maddest drinks, we ended up having cocktails in cauldrons that foamed with sherbet and danced till the very early hours, I blame the cauldron cocktails! Blackpool really does Halloween well as everyone we saw was really dressed up in seriously good costumes, including half the cast of Star Wars, characters from Adventure Time and some very grisly zombies.


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