A New Look!

Firstly Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fun over Christmas and New Year. Over the festive period I took some time out to try a few things I have been wanting too for a while.

Below is a setting pattern I’ve had for over a year and never really got to try, so I set aside a few hours one evening and had a play around.

I have to say I was really pleased with the results, the pattern creates great lift and an abundance of flattering curls so I will definitely be adding it to my repertoire.

I did the test run as a dry set on my hairdressing block head, using my trusty 1 inch barrel heated tongs, curl & wave mousse for hold and let the hair fully cool down & set for a full 30 mins before brushing into the desired style. I used a soft bristle grooming brush to brush out the style and keep the bounce of the set, then I used a little hairspray and pomade for a beautiful glossy finish.

You could alternatively do this with damp hair, setting lotion and flat pin curls or use foam rollers and let it dry overnight.

Below are my results.



To book in for your own version of this set contact me on


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