Hair Setting Process, Part 2

So to re-cap, Saturday night I washed my hair and set it straight away in small foam rollers. My hair was damp and I used a setting lotion to give hold, Bristows is the one I always use as I like the smell & it holds well.

After a night’s sleep the back of my head was dry but the top wasn’t, so I decided to leave the rollers in for a bit longer rather than sitting under the dryer hood. This did however mean a trip to the cinema to see ‘Into The Woods’ was done in my rollers (pic below) but my friend and boyfriend are use to me, so weren’t too embarrassed to sit next to me! Plus I would definitely recommend the film too as we all really enjoyed it and the styling is fantastic. IMG_7445.JPG
My hair is thick and often takes a full 24 hours to dry naturally, so I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t fully dry after only one nights sleep. I will be experimenting with drying times using a mobile salon dryer hood later in the month and blogging that too. So here’s my curls (pictured below) once fully dry on Sunday afternoon, the curl was very springy and snapped straight back into shape, I then left the rollers in for the rest of the night and took them out this (Monday) morning.
Now onto the results, below is the quick 10 minute brushing out I did before heading out to see a friend earlier today. I used pomade to tame all the frizz and then bushed the hair vigorously to create the desired smooth shape. I held the waves with clips to set them further and sprayed over the finished style with hairspray. IMG_7524.JPG We were meant to go for a swim today but as the pool was shut we went into town and thanks to wind and the rain it felt about the same a swim! Below is my set all freshly styled. I had forgotten how short my hair goes when it’s curly!IMG_7512-0.JPG
I was outside for a fair bit of today walking to and from various places and considering I got pretty wet at times my set has actually held surprisingly well (see below). I would of expected the curls to drop out completely on my thick, straight hair as it did get very damp but they have actually stayed pretty well, especially at the back which had greater protection. Although the style has dropped the shape is still there and after a quick brush over at home and spritz of hairspray it’s back into a good but softer style. IMG_7521.JPGI will re-curl my hair tonight, in dry pin-curls with a little hairspray for hold, to keep the set going and post the resulting style tomorrow.doowopdo-signiture

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