Hair Setting Process

So continuing with the setting theme I decided to wet set my own hair last night, something I used to do once a week but haven’t done in ages!

When I had shorter hair I would often set it straight after washing it and then just re-curl it each night to keep the set going, so that’s what I started last night.IMG_7432.JPG

After showering I rough dried my hair and let it dry naturally for a bit (in my new pink Disney head wrap I got for Christmas!). Once the hair was damp not wet, I ran setting lotion through it all and began the curling process. I chose small foam rollers for a tight curl and because these ones are soft and easy to sleep in. I didn’t follow a proper pattern this time I just curled the crown backwards, to create lift and the rest was curled under. IMG_7422.JPG
My hair is quite thick so I used 3 packs of rollers, 18 individuals in total, and made sure the sections were kept small so the hair had a good chance of drying.

This morning I woke up with rollers still all in place and although the back ones are completely dry the top ones aren’t yet and the set must be completely dry before you take out the rollers! I will probably finish off the drying process under my heated dryer hood later on & I will be posting pics of the final results and brush out process tomorrow.doowopdo-signiture

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