Hair Setting Process, Part 3

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3:
last night I re-curled my hair just before I went to bed. All I did was spritz each strand with a little hairspray and re-roll it all in the foam rollers. I didn’t use as many as the first time I set it, this time I only did about 10 rollers. I tied a chiffon scarf over it all to keep it in place and went to bed…IMG_7544.JPG In the morning I gave my set a spritz with hairspray and left it while I had a cuppa, then I took out the rollers. The curls were smoother today but were still nice and tight and I ran my fingers through them to break them up a bit. I then styled the set with my soft bristle brushing out brush to create shape, clips to set the wave, pomade for controlling the frizz and hairspray to fix (pictured below).IMG_7568.JPGThe final style was a lovely soft look that I think I actually prefer to the first look. Today’s style is a bit longer which I prefer as I have more movement in the hair and if frames my face more.IMG_7574.JPG It’s nice to wear my hair down at the moment so I will try and keep this set going for the rest of the week and see what other looks I can get out of it. Stay turned for a weekend round up of the styles I manage 😉doowopdo-signiture

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