Twin Peaks Party, Population 51.201

IMG_8201.JPGAs the nights draw in and the events season come to an end we have to make our own fun. So what could be better than a themed party! Last year I started off the year with a Star Wars themed dinner and then an American Hustle one but I ended 2014 with a Twin Peaks party for Jez’s (of Jez Brown Photography) birthday. IMG_8231.JPGAs he’s a big fan of the series I thought it would be fun to set my place up like the Double R diner from the series. We incorporated some of the things from the show like the black lodge print ( a friends Primark duvet set), pine cones for the woods, diner themed cups and menus and donuts inspired by the police station scenes. We even had coffee cocktails from styrofoam cups and cherry pie, inspired by the Agent Dale Copper quote ‘damn fine cup of coffee’. And just to get even sillier we (the girls anyway) all dressed up as Audrey Horne, pictured below.IMG_8200.JPGI decorated my front room and my partner Tom helped me cooked up a huge feast of American style hamburgers and hotdogs, perfect diner food!
IMG_8232.JPG I have to say our Audrey outfits were pretty easy to assemble as being vintage girls we all own a fair few plaid skirts! Some of the group even went the extra mile and wore Audrey style Oxford shoes. I’d also made us all ‘save the pine weasel’ campaign badges, another series reference. IMG_8235.JPG it was a lot of fun and I think we managed to give the birthday boy a good laugh too. I’ve since done a 1980s themed birthday dinner for another friend and a Game of Thrones dinner party, so expect to see these on the blog soon. Maybe I should of been a party planner! 😉

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