A New Look

A bit of a picture heavy post but there have been A LOT of hair changes recently!

Firstly here are the last few days of my hair set, following on from these posts: hair set part 1, 2, 3.

After my set had really dropped by mid-week, I styled it into a soft look with what was left of the curl and added a chiffon scarf to kept it out of my face. Rolo (my pet skunk) was running around my feet while I was trying to get a picture, clearly she wanted to have her picture taken too! IMG_7632.JPG
For the rest of the week I went for updos as the curl in my hair made it super easy to work with. I really loved the styling of MissRockabillyRuby on Instagram and so inspired by her I did a poodle updo with a curled fringe. It was nice to change it up a bit and hide my usual betty bangs to create a different look. IMG_7631.JPG
The following day all I did was change up the fringe part of the updo. I had also received some stunning Rosadoir hair flowers in the post for a photo shoot and I couldn’t resist accessorising my do with one. The flowers are stunning and even arrived in a scented package, how lovely is that! IMG_7699.JPG Then came a BIG change!!! As it's been very cold recently I decided to go back to my old look ( of almost 10 years ago!) and put my synthetic dreads back in, below are pics of the brightly coloured dreads of Brighton uni days…IMG_9129-0.JPGAfter a supply trip to one of my favourite Bedford hair shops I called a friend over and we started work. The hair (a plastic synthetic called Kankelon) needed to be split into sections, backcombed then then steamed/dipped in water over a pan and then rolled and dried. The while process took about 3 hours to make about 30 double ended dreadlocks. IMG_9135.JPG
Then I plaited each strand into my hair, which took about another hour. I left a sizeable front section of my natural hair out to blend it in and leave me different styling options, so I didn’t get bored. Below are the results… IMG_8348.JPG
IMG_9127.JPGI added in some wooden beads and even found one of my old skull beads from my original dreads.IMG_9138-0.PNG I probably won’t keep the dreads in past the end of February as although they are making life super easy and warm, I am starting to miss styling my hair. It’s definitely been a lot of fun changing up my look though and it’s nice to have some bright colour back in my hair, especially when no bleach is involved! I’m not sure what I’ll do next but I’m sure I’ll think of something fun šŸ˜‰ IMG_9133.JPGIMG_9134.JPGdoowopdo-signiture

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