Bringing a Little of Berlin Home

I was thrilled to finally get to visit Berlin over half term with my partner and wow did we have a blast!IMG_0467.JPG
We saw the sights, shopped our hearts out at various vintage warehouses and bar hopped the nights away. I will be posting a full travel post at the weekend with links to all the amazing things we got to see and do but for now I want to tell you all about the Tiki Heart.
IMG_0660.JPGWhen we first decided to do a Berlin trip I put a shout out on my Instagram and Facebook for recommendations, having never been to the city before I wanted to find the cool, off beat places I now know so well in Paris. The internet did not disappoint and one place that came up time and time again was the Kreuzberg area and the Tiki Heart Cafe. So our second night was spent there eating Lemmy burgers and drinking our way through their extensive and incredibly reasonably priced cocktail list! I can recommend the Piña Colada, the Swimming Pool and the Mango Colada to name a few…

IMG_0665.JPG The staff are beyond friendly and full of great advice on places to visit and the food is top notch and the surroundings, well it’s definitely one of the best Tiki bars I’ve ever been too, playing the best music too! Let’s just say we fitted in here and I didn’t want to leave, we liked it so much we returned for breakfast the next day and on our final morning (my big tip is to split a stack of the Hillbilly pancakes and a plate of Bikers Heaven spiced eggs & chorizo, heaven on a plate!)

We were so taken with the place that once home from the trip we wanted to bring a little bit of it with us and whilst sat on the sofa with the post holiday blues an idea struck! Our bathroom has been always been a bit at odd with the rest of our house, see my kitsch kitchen here. So it was definitely time to redecorate and I decided to use the Tiki Heart interior as my inspiration! First was the back of the bathroom door, see the progression below:

IMG_0656.JPG The whole design took me 5 hours from start to finish and was just done with normal household paint that I then sealed with several layers varnish. Although I did accidentally by a dark varnish rather than clear but it ended up working really well as it gave the Tiki’s more deepth. Obviously I couldn’t stop there so the next day I did the front of the door but this time I took inspiration for my nails, done by the lovely Keely at Get Nailed by Keely for my holiday.


I love painting and rarely have time to do it these days so this was a lot of fun (and hard work!). The rest of the room now had to live my to the door, so I went for a bright, tropical green like the green of the Tiki Heart and hand painted on a similar grass skirt trim.

IMG_0655.JPG My partner Tom pitched in with the work and cleaned the room till it was sparkling, we then added tropical decals to the freshly whitened tiles. Finally I picked a few hardy, plastic tiki and nautical bits that suited the space and got decorating. We have been collecting Tiki stuff ever since we got together over 10 years ago, so have amassed quite a collection!

IMG_0657.JPG We had bought a great little Tiki toothbrush holder and soap dish in Berlin on one of our shopping trips and they now have a bathroom worthy of them! It’s now not only a great reminder of a fab holiday but a fun room and new area to display our collection.


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