How To Tie a Vintage Turban.

I thought I would do a full post blog post on this after a few people have asked me how I tie my turbans and I wanted to try and explain it properly. This week seems to be a turban week for me, mainly because I’m tired and so I’m after easy but still glam hair options. I’m never sure if turbans actually suit me but they are super handy and paired with big sun glasses they make a great no effort look whilst actually being a bit ‘movie star travelling incognito’ as someone on my facebook suggested. I tend to like a bit of height with my hair, for some reason flat hair just makes me feel a bit rubbish, so I like to twist my turbans up into elaborate styles.

Monday I popped into town on a few errands and happened to pick up a red velvet scarf for just £2.50 from a charity shop, I was still on a bit of a 1920s vibe after being at an event at the weekend (1920s event hair pic on my insta account here). It wasn’t a particularly long bit of material but the fabric had a little bit of stretch to it so it made it quite easy to use. For the look below I just tied the scarf on as a headband and did a double knot. I then tucked the loose ends back into the turban to keep it neat. I will definitely be wearing this look out one evening with full make-up!

A bit OTT for a trip to Ikea maybe?

A bit OTT for a trip to Ikea maybe?

Today (Tuesday) I decided to do another style of turban, this time a bit more elaborate. I took a break from work to pop out to meet my mum for a cuppa and needed another quick look. The piece of fabric I used this time was much bigger and is actually the bottom of a maxi dress that was leftover after I shortened it into a skirt.

The final look.

Tuesday’s turban look.

The fabric has a bit of a tropical print to it which I love. Below are my steps for creating the look.

Step by step turban guide.

Step by step turban guide.

Step 1: For this style of turban you will need quite a bit of fabric!

Step 2: Put it on as headband and pull the excess fabric into a handful at the front of your head.

Step 3: Now twist this excess fabric tightly.

Step 4: Once all of the fabric is twisted up, keep twisting and it should start to twist around on itself into a circle.

Step 5: Now pull the end of the fabric through the middle of the circle to secure it.

Step 6: Finally tuck the excess fabric in at the back to close the turban, or twist any long bits in under the base of the knot to hide them. I also used a few hair grips at the front to keep everything in place too.

I hope this is helpful and if you want more info on how to tie a few different turban styles watch this Pathe film from 1942 that I’ve always found very useful.


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