Prohibition Era Cocktails

Last Thursday my friend and I returned to one of our favourite places to drink in Bedford; the Lost & Found cocktail bar, owned by Gareth Barber who runs our favourite place to dance the night away, The Pad, and presided over by the insanely talented barman, Tom. However, this time was a little different as we were attending in full 1920s attire for a Prohibition Era Whisky Cocktail night with the Bedford Whisky Club. I have attended a whisky tasting once before through the Discover Whisky group, read the blog about that here.  So after reading that Tom was creating a 1920s cocktail menu and the event had a dress code to match, I knew we had to go!

Luckily we own a lot of clothes so we dug around in our wardrobes and each pulled together a 1920s look. Liz wore a fab beaded dress complete with stylish fur collar coat and cloche, we decided she looked like an aristocratic lady while I was more ‘bohemian artist’ in my fringed kimono and turban.


My 1920s outfit.

I managed to create my outfit almost completely from items I’ve never managed to wear before, but somehow when put all together they worked. I actually didn’t wear any vintage for once, all modern pieces, charity shop finds bought randomly, but I think I created quite a good look for the event. I started with a simple black top which was a little baggy but worked for a 1920s look. I teamed this with my pretty dusky pink pleated skirt. I’m not really a pink person so this skirt is rarely worn but I like the length and I’m quite taken with it now. I topped it all off with a VERY bright kimono style sheer, patterned top that has always been tricky to wear, but I do love that fringing! Even though the outfit was bright the colours worked together (or at least I think so) and the fabrics all had a great silky feel so they hung well, great for creating a decadent and slouchy 20s vibe. I added a long anchor necklace which is great for the 20s but which I never normally wear as it’s too long, and then a black, velvet turban I had made. Again, I don’t tend to wear it as it’s quite plain but I really didn’t need anymore colour in the outfit! Finally I added seamed tights from Claireabella’s Closet (great for us tall ladies, as I’m nearly 6ft), my black heeled brogues and my black Thrift’ee fur trimmed cape. We caused quite a stir when we stopped by my local pub for a drink first!

When we arrived at the bar I was pleased to see a few others had to gotten into the theme and had dressed up too, although I have long gotten use to being over dressed for everything! They were also playing 20s tunes to add to the vibe and the cocktail list looked great! Tom had created three whisky cocktails specially for the occasion, although I ended up skipping one and sticking with the ‘Clockwork Orange’ which was too good to only have one of! Tom will always make you something that not only tastes delicious but packs a punch. My personal favourites include his Long Island Tea (lethal), Lemon Meringue Martini with homemade Lemoncello liqueur and the Breakfast Martini with homemade marmalade syrup (Tom if you are reading this sorry to make you blush but it’s true you are a bit good at this and I blame you for my wobbly walk home!).

Surprisingly the next day I was hangover free, despite a cheeky Strawberry Daiquiri and a Breakfast Martini post whisky, proving that clearly cocktails are the way to go so I’ll definitely be attending the next event!

More info on Bedford Whisky Club here:


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