Cinderella and Villainous Hair!

When my lovely friend Charly, the talented baker behind the bespoke cake making brand Restoration Cake (pictured left), moved to Bedford a few weeks ago I was beyond excited as I knew it was going to be a lot of fun having her and her lovely hubby Chris just down the road! We’ve managed several fun nights out so far and so when she text me to see if I fancied a trip to see Cinderella (Disney car sing-a-longs are our thing) I was immediately digging around in my wardrobe for a Disney themed outfit to wear!

Pictured below is my Cinderella inspired look for the night, I wore my vintage Hawaiian dress that was the perfect shade of blue to match Cinderella’s gown and added a vintage, pale blue, chiffon scarf tied in a bow to cover up my casual hair & then added my lovely vintage Wishing Well brooch for some extra fairytale magic.

The film was very sweet and is definitely a kids film, which isn’t a criticism but just don’t go expecting the level of action or darkness of the other recent live action Disney film, Maleficent. But the most exciting bit for me and the real reason for going was to see the costuming which had all been the vision of the incredible Sandy Powell! Visually the film is a feast, with the ugly sisters and Cate Blanchett’s Lady Tremaine really stealing the show in the costume and more importantly to me, hair department!

I left the cinema incredibly inspired by the whole look of the film but particularly by Cate Blanchett’s hair, why do I always love the Villains best?! If you have seen any of the promotional pictures you’ll of seen she has a very vintage look in the film. Her hair is reminiscent of the 1940s Gibson Roll or Pageboy hairstyle both pictured below. Her outfits were my favourite too, as again there was a definite 1940s feel to the silhouettes, only more theatrical and the fabrics where much more sumptuous! This look is already a strong contender for my 2015 Halloween costume, last year I did another Disney character, Hocus Pocus’ lovable witch Mary Sanderson, see that costume here! Now where can I get a grey cat to play Lucifer from???

Once home I had to reach straight for my hair brushes and try out creating the style, so below is my re-creation of the Lady Tremaine look. To create the look I used the following things:

  • small curling tong
  • rat-tailed comb
  • soft bristle grooming brush
  • hairspray
  • hair grips

Here’s a little info on how I created this style:

  1. I firstly took a front section of hair and curled it with the heated tongs before leaving it pinned in elevated pin-curls to set (see the fab Vixen Vintage’s tutorial post on creating them here).
  2. I then curled the rest of the hair under, towards the face, with the curling tongs and waited for the curls to cool down completely. If doing this on your own hair use a spritz of curl hold spray first to help the style stay in place. Although I did notice in the film they used a very fine hairnet for extra hold which works really well if you are off out dancing.
  3. Then once the curls had cooled I gentle teased them (leaving the top elevated pin-curls still in place) with the rat-tailed comb to create fullness to the style.
  4. I then scraped one side back and held it in place with a comb, similar to the one Lady Tremaine wears in the film.
  5. Then I moulded the hair into shape, creating the tube shape at the sides and back by brushing sections of hair around my hand with the soft-bristled brush. I did this in small sections, pinning the hair in place with grips as I went along. This part took a little bit of time to perfect, making sure there were no gaps in the style and a bit of manipulating to get the sides looking right.
  6. For the front of the style I unclipped the now cold pin-curls and backcombed the section a little at the roots to give some height and then brushed it into an S shape. I then pinned it in place with pin-curl clips and sprayed it with hair spray and let it all set in place for added hold.
  7. I finished off the look by tucking the end of the S-curl into the side of the style for a neat finish and then sprayed the lot liberally with hairspray to hold it all firmly in place.

If you have a go at the style do let me see the results and most of all in the word’s of Cinderella’s mother “have courage and be kind”.doowopdo-signiture

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