Game of Thrones Dinner Party.

IMG_8171As last night saw the start of the new season of A Game of Thrones tv show in the UK, don’t worry NO SPOILERS here, it seemed like the right time to blog my GOT themed dinner party from last year. It all started when my boyfriend bought the cookbook ‘A Feast of Ice & Fire’ written by the awesome ladies behind the Inn at The Crossroads blog where they re-create recipes from George R.R Martins A Song of Fire and Ice book series. The cookbook gives you two options for each meal, the authentic version and the modern version, although I did a few things from the authentic/medieval recipe side I was very grateful for the modern versions.

I was cooking a return meal for some friends who had cooked us a fantastic meal a few weeks before and as we were all fans of the series it seemed like time to give the cookbook a go. I wanted to challenge my cooking skills and do them something really good but going through the book there were definitely some things I couldn’t manage! In the end I came up with a fun and manageable 3 course meal that wasn’t too much work and covered most of the areas in Westeros. Below is the menu I served:


Medieval Leek Soup (The South)


Salad at Castle Black (The Wall)


Rustic bread and butter


Honeyed Chicken (The North)

Onions in Gravy (The North)

Buttered Carrots (King’s Landing)


Cream Swans (The South)

The meal.

The meal.

I set the table in a sort of Winterfell look (I’m a Stark at heart) and so as The Starks are located in the colder North I went for a plaid tablecloth decorated with lots of sheepskin and lit by candlelight for a cosy feel. The food looked so decorative that not a lot else was needed but we added a few extra touches like the cow horn drinking horn, rustic wooden bowls and plates and the pewter drinking tankards for our red wine, a of bit lethal way to drink wine we discovered, as it holds about a pint of the stuff!

The cooking was a real challenge but I was thrilled with the results and everyone seemed really impressed with it all so I’ll definitely be doing something along these lines again. The flavours were sweet and really delicious but not at all like the modern food we are all use too and it made a nice change.

I did cheat a little on the dessert though and bought pre-made meringues and got my partner Tom to cut out the swan wings & necks from paper, but then there really is only so much cooking a girl can do! Here’s the rest of the pics below:

Tonight I’m off to a friend’s place for a GOT catch up night, I wonder what this season has in store for us!doowopdo-signiture

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