Garden Makeover, Welcome to the Tiki Bar!

The influence of my Berlin trip continues (see that blog post here)! After doing our bathroom up in the style of the Tiki Heart we joked that our garden should be done up like White Trash fast food restaurant 50% awesome bar, 50% junk yard, 100% awesome! So once I had a few quiet days and the sun was shining, I set about transforming our bare garden into a cosy outdoor space complete with my long dreamed of Tiki bar.

We built the garden around our 2 stunning handcarved Tiki’s from the awesome Tiki Paulo and all the rest of the items were purchased pretty cheaply from either charity shops, junk shops or £1 shops and local discount places. Although it takes longer to source the items this way, I love the look you get from it. We used bunting from a friends wedding and the plants are a mix of real and fake which were picked up at various stores.

We made our bar from breeze blocks last year so it’s very sturdy and it just needed decorating. We ended up using garden junk we had lying around as I liked the idea of a make-shift bar, it just seems in keeping with whole beach bar idea. I painted up a bar sign and a few other garden signs using leftover wood from some shelving. Basically, we tried to re-use a lot of stuff we had lying around.We then decorated it all with colourful lights and accessories and our collection of vintage and kitsch barware.

The final things that needed addressing were the seating and a now very boring corner patio. I wanted to create an outdoor room feel complete with mirrors and soft furnishings and spent a fair bit of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration (see my garden board here.) We used a gazebo to create a bit of shade and to make it more cosy. At night it all lights up with heaps of fairy lights and in the day time its a very comfy little corner for a cuppa.

Once all the work was finished it was time to invite a few friends over and put the bar through it’s paces, so rum cocktails all round! Obviously I dressed for the occasion and wore a Tiki themed outfit, including a lovely pair of Tiki earrings gifted to me by my friend and client Liz as part of her Random Acts of Kindness, my fab Voodoo Vixen Constantia Tiki Skirt from the lovely Claire at Claireabella’s Closet and my Dolly Cool pineapple necklace all accessorised with lots of vintage, bamboo bangles and bright hairflowers. Below are a few pics from a fun night. I can see this becoming a regular thing and it’s great to be getting some use out of my Tiki mug collection.

I’ve discovered that you can basically do an awful lot with a limited budget if you use a bit of elbow grease and a lot of vision and invention!

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