Hair-Mar06-06-176The summer is getting busier and busier, so, before I head off again to set up my pop-up beauty parlour at exciting events like the up coming NRSA Supernationals and Twinwood Festival (more event info here,) I wanted to do a little re-cap of some of my vintage hair tutorials that are currently online (making them free to access) or out in magazines as it’s been a busy writing year too!

I love writing as it’s a chance to get really engrossed in my favourite subjects, history and vintage hair! Over the years I have experimented with various techniques and tools and have improved my skills, so it’s fun to get to share my findings, as well as some of my secrets.

This year I have started writing for a couple of new publications including The Lady and In Retrospect. Below are links to my articles and ‘How To’ guides that you can order or find online.


Featured on The Lady style blog.

1940s Styles For The Lady

This year got off to a great start when I teamed up with legendary magazine, The Lady to celebrate the opening of The Imperial War Museum’s ‘Fashion on the Ration’ with five days of 1940s hair tutorials for their online style blog. Below are each of the guides I wrote for them.

Monday’s Look http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8523-how-to-create-a-1940s-updo

Tuesday’s Look http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8543-how-to-create-a-1940s-updo-tuesday

Wednesday’s Look http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8544-how-to-create-a-1940s-updo-wednesday

Thursday’s Look http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8545-how-to-create-a-1940s-updo-thursday

Friday’s Look http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8546-how-to-create-a-1940s-updo-friday


Feature in In Retrospect magazine.

In Retrospect Magazine

This year saw me writing for a gorgeous new magazine that describes itself as ‘a modern magazine for vintage people’. In Retrospect is not only a good looking and beautifully designed magazine, it’s also a great read, so I was thrilled to be added to the list of contributors.

The first piece, which went into issue 3 and is availble to buy here, saw me giving my top tips for achieving vintage styles, covering things like hair preparation and tips for brushing out your pin-curls for the best styling results. In my follow up piece, avaialble in issue 4, I’ll be talking about vintage styling for photoshoots, and in particular I’ll be going into detail about how I created the looks inspired by the golden age of Hollywood for the Nostlagia! exhibition, a photographic show by Jez Brown Photography, that I was hair and make-up artist for.

To get yourself a copy of the magazine or to subscribe follow the link here http://inretrospectmagazine.com/store/

As this is a quarterly published magazine, the next issue should be hitting the streets in the next month or so, so there shouldn’t be too long to wait!


Featured on The Lady style blog.

The Lady – Eras

Following on from my 1940s hair guides published on The Lady online style blog, I recently began a series of historical hairstyling guides. Starting in the Victorian era and finishing in the 1990s (yes, the 90s are considred vintage now! I know its scares me too!). Below are the links to the 3 I have done so far with a new one going live on the style blog each month.

Victorian tutorial http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8751-how-to-create-a-victorian-inspired-updo

Edwardian tutorial http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8870-how-to-create-an-edwardian-look

1920s tutorial http://www.lady.co.uk/style/8992-how-to-create-a-dramatic-1920s-look

Keep checking back for each months new tutorial!

step-4_300x452Victory Rolls for Paul Mitchell


Each September I pack my bags and head for Chichester and the famous Goodwood Revival and my home form home, Betty’s Salon. This year in my role as Betty’s (The Official Goodwood Revival Hair and Beauty Salon) Marketing Manager, I teamed up with our hair care partner Paul Mitchell, to create vintage hair guides that are perfect for anyone coming along to the Revival and who are in need of a vintage hairstyle to top off their outfit. My first step by step guide on the iconic 1940s victory rolls is now live online at Paul Mitchell UK. Just follow my picture guide to vintage hair heaven!

However, if you prefer to book in to Betty’s, our talented vintage stylists (of which I am one) are experts in these styles and can re-create this look for you. Enquiries should be made to revivalsalonenquiries@gmail.com .You’ll find Betty’s Salon, which is styled as a proper retro parlour complete with vintage dressing tables and black & white check flooring, on Richmond Lawn, behind the champagne tent.

Vintage Life article.

Vintage Life article.

Vintage Life Magazine

I’m a regular contributor to this fun magazine covering all aspects of the vintage life style and I’m even their vintage hair expert! I have written many detailed step-by-step guides for the magazine, all with easy to follow picture steps, modelled by some of my fab colleagues and shot by Jez Brown Photograhy. Over the years I’ve managed to cover a big range of styles from the 1940s and 1950s, such as the much loved victory rolls, the poodle updo, pin-up hair, vintage festival styling and styling with vintage accessories, to name but a few.

My latest guide, due to be published in the next few months, will cover how to create beautiful soft vintage waves, reminicent of stars like the legendary Veronica Lake, who’s peek-a-bo hairstyle was much copied in the 1940s and is still very fashionable today.

Keep an eye on my facebook page to find out when this new guide is in print and to keep up to date with all my new hair pictures and event news: http://www.facebook.com/sarahsdoowopdos I am also on Twiiter, Instagram and Tumblr, just search for @sarahsdoowopdos to follow me. You can also find my vintage hair inspirations board on Pinterest too!

My 1940s Boutique in full swing at Bletchley Park.

My 1940s Boutique in full swing at Bletchley Park.


If you prefer to learn from me in person, I offer one-to-one styling sessions from my private Bedford parlour, as well as regular group workshops in and around Bedford which cover a range of eras and looks. My next 1940s Boutique will be running at Bletchley Park on October 17th and will cover an authentic 1940s hair and make-up look, perfect for keeping you glamorous over the winter months.

For more info on this class, visit the Bletchley Park website here: https://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/calendar/d.rhtm/893212–0s-Boutique-.html. My list of other local workshops is available here and I do also offer a bespoke sevice for group bookings if you’d like to book as a group for a hen party or birthday celebration!

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