Flexi Curl Experiment 



Patience isn’t a virtue I tend to have, so when I found some fun looking curlers, Remington Flexi Curl, in a charity shop in town while running errand earlier today, I had to go home and try them out! I also nabbed a fab vintage Morphy Richards hairdryer that matches my pink one and a great little Pifco nail kit, all for my salon collection! I did a quick bit of reading up on the Flexi Curl and they seemed simple enough to use. Basically, there are 20 of them in the container that heat up and when they are ready to use the colour changes from purple to red, pretty useful if you are trying to gauge timings. I used my block head for this experiment as it was already set up in the salon, but I’ll probably try them my own hair next. The curlers take about 10 minutes to heat up and change colour, and they have a handy safe touch zone on both ends so you don’t burn yourself! Once they seemed hot enough, I put them into the hair in small sections and used about 16 of them in total. The good thing is that I had more curler than I needed, so I reckon these will be good to use when I’m styling someone with quite a lot of hair. Below are the hot curlers (red when ready to use) and the pattern I used to pop them in, a section of 4 backwards on top of the head and then the rest rolled under towards the head.

The curlers are in!

The curlers took about 15 minutes to cool down completely, and started to turn back to their original purple colour. They are super easy to take out and definitely create a decent level of curl. Tight ringlet curls are what I was after and these curlers are perfect for achieveing a vintage style. It’s HUGELY important that any curls are completely cold before you start styling the hair or the style will drop and you will have wasted all that hard work! Below are pictures of the curls created.

The result are good so far…

I used a soft bristled grooming brush to shape the curls and brushed the hair around my hand into a pageboy hairdo, I added a little pomade to control the ends of the hair and keep the style sleek. I then used a rat-tail comb to create some lift at the front of the style. I like using the a comb for backcombing as they give you greater precision and a neater look. The brush-out only took about ten minutes and the style still had lots of bounce to it even after some vigorous brushing. I fixed the style with hairspray and left a couple of duckbill clips in at the back to set a nice shape into the style. The styling results are below.

The brush-out results…

I’m really please with these curlers. I’ll need to experiement with them a little more but they are definitely staying in my kit for now. The best bit is they were easy to use and the results I’ve had today are great so we’ll see what happens when I use them on myself and my even thicker, heavier hair!

After letting the hair sit for a bit with the clips in I spray the style again, smoothing the hair round and cementing the shape and smoothing any fly-aways hairs. On one side of the style the hair has been gently backcombed and pinned behind the ear making the curl side the feature side and I added a hair flower I’d made in at the end. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Don’t forget if you want to get your hair done by me you can book in for an appointment via email on sarahsdoowopdos@gmail.com

The final look.

The final look.

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