Meet Dee Dee!

IMG_1974-0You may have seen me out and about at events this year with my Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos pop-up beauty parlour, well next year it might all look a bit different!

Meet Dee Dee, the 1970s dinkie Monza caravan I picked up a few weeks ago and will be converting into a mobile beauty parlour. I was so excited when I first went to see her and I was even more excited when I saw she still had the 1970s interior! Although I will be sadly taking a lot of it out to create more space, I will re-purpose a lot of the fabric and will probably make cushions for the sofa out of some of it, so she keeps some of her history.

Check out my retro caraven Pinterest board here for ideas of what to expect when she’s finished:

I be posting lots of pictures as this project continues over the winter but for now here’s Dee Dee (named after one of the Ramones) in her natural retro state. I love that there are still Caravan Club stickers on her rear window, the oldest is from 1974!


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