New Style

12316341_10154170226100715_8258899009368849540_nFirstly Merry Christmas! I had a lovely Christmas with family and  friends, so I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves, I know I have! I love this time of year as not only do I get a fair bit of time off to re-charge and catch up with my crafting projects (see the results over on my instagram account here: but I have lots of reasons to dress up and try out new hair styles.

I often spend my down time looking around online for vintage hair inspiration and new styles to try (well I am hair obsessed!) and this time I stumled upon a video from Vintage Vandelism, who’s blog I love. Her tutorial (available on Youtube here:  showed how to create a fab vintage wave inspired by one of my hair idols His Vintage Touch, so of course I had to try it. Below is a picture of the results, I loved the style instantly and will definitely be adding it into my styling repertoire.

I had several parties to go to over the Christmas period so I thought I would try the style out on my hair, which is very thick and heavy, the curling stage took a good 20 minutes with my hair as you need to do it all in very small sectons to get the result I was after but the style held up well for several days, so the work was worth it.

Below is a couple of days after I did the full waved hairdo, I created a HUGE poodle on top and re-did set the waves for an even deeper wave (see pic bottom left). I don’t wear my hair down very often as it’s not very pracitical for when I’m working but I think these waves may well become my party look.


I then tried a soft version of the look on a cilent with great long and glossy looks, after doing victory rolls at the top, these waves made for a great finish.

To book in for a vintage hair or make-up appointment with me in my private Bedford salon just email

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