David Bowie doing his make-up, 1973.

Like many, I was incredibly sad to hear that the fantastically talented David Bowie had passed away recently. Bowie was a huge inspiration to many, myself included, and his cutting edge music and style will always remain with us.

I grew up listening to his music and  watching his numerous films (Labyrinth, in particular) but it was his looks and style that really caught my attention, and his ability to create amazing personas through make-up and costume is something I admire, these days more than ever.

12508796_10154255294855715_3733129234044164081_nI was very flattered to be asked to create Bowie inspired hair for my friend Leah Kardos, who was singing at a tribute event in London that week. The look we decided on was inspired by Jessica Lange in the Freak Show series of American Horror Story. Lange’s character channels David Bowie’s look in a bright blue suit and with blue make-up for an amazing rendition of ‘Life On Mars’. The look had a really 1970s-does-30s feel, and, as Bowie himself was inspired by 30s icon Marlene Dietrich, it felt like a good fit. I also created a Bowie themed head piece as Leah wanted to incorporate elements of Bowie’s latest album into her look. She asked for a ‘blue bird’ head piece so I created a fascinator made of blue feathers, complete with a Black Star (in reference to his latest album) which you can see on my instgram here.

As a make-up artist I wanted  to pay a personal tribute as well to Bowie’s amazing talent, and so during a 1970s hair tutorial shoot, I decided to have a go at creating one of Bowie’s iconic looks from the cover of the Aladdin Sane album, the result of which you can see below.


Creating An Aladdin Sane Look

  • Do your make-up base first. For the eye not coverd by the lightning bolt, I created a soft 1970s smokey look.
  • Start by drawing the lines for the lightning bolt with red face paint. Use the edge of a folded tissue to keep the edges crisp and to stop any smudging.
  • Fill in the main area of the bolt with the red and then go over it with a shimmer red eye shadow to add depth.
  • Add blue eye shadow with a small make-up brush around the edges to add definition, then blend that out to soften it.
  • Use a black pencil liner to draw a thin black line to separate the blue and red.

The hair I created for this was a female take on Bowie’s Aladdin Sane look. I built the hair high at the front by backcombing the base and left the back down to keep it softer.

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