Cover Star Curls – Part One

Over the next two weeks I’m excited to welcome a guest blogger on board! Drag racing sweater girl, mid-century enthusiast and Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos hair model Patsy is one stylish girl! Over the next couple of weeks she will be sharing some of her favourite vintage hair looks and inspirations with us.
You can follow her adventures on Instagram, search for @patsypbl and keep up to date via her blog

Gracing the covers of pulp novels, Picturegoer and LIFE Picture 001magazine, in the golden Hollywood era the hair could be the make or break of a starlets career leading many to hit the bottle in the hopes of becoming the next Marilyn – would you believe Jeanne Carmen and Jayne Mansfield were originally brunettes!

Here we take a look at some our favourite cover stars and mid century starlets and their iconic brush outs, pompadours and doo-wop dos…

Gene Tierney: New York born Gene could speak fluent French and after a cousin who worked at Warner Bros Studios encouraged the beauty to become an actress, she had her sights set on the silver screen, and her star on the Walk Of Fame resides at 6125 Hollywood Boulevard!

With a deep set side parting and shoulder length brunette locks, Gene’s 1940’s style brushed out curls highlight the cheekbones and jawline that the camera adored and nominated for an academy award for best actress in 1945.


Lauren Bacall: Born as Betty Perske in New York, Bacall became the face of the film noir genre starring alongside her future husband, Humphrey Bogart.

With tawny blonde hair, alluring eyes and power brows, Bacall’s face framing soft waves and voluminous front section helped to emphasise her trademark sultry eye glance to camera which became known as ‘The Look’!


Veronica Lake: One lady who couldn’t be missed off our Cover Star Curls feature is the infamous Veronica Lake!

The ultimate femme fatale of the 1940’s Veronica’s trademark side swept curls falling over one eye to give a peek a boo effect became iconic and widely copied, so much so that women in the defence industry would get their hair caught in machinery, leading Veronica to be part of a public awareness campaign about the hazard of her hairstyle!


Betty Grable: The undisputed queen of the poodle is the one and only Betty Grable! A picture of Betty in a bathing suit made her the number one pin up girl of World War Two and her legs were rumoured to be insured for $1 million dollars!

Those perfectly sculpted platinum curls became iconic for her cheesecake look and have all of us modern pin ups practising the symmetrical updo – and the bathing suit pose!

Join us next week for Cover Star Curls, part 2 and more amazing vintage hair inspirations courtesty of Patsy.

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