Turban Tuesday: Carmen Miranda

So each Tuesday I’ll be sharing a bit of turban inspiration and this week I just had to start with a HUGE personal inspiration of mine and the ultimate turban wearer, the talented and stylish Carmen Miranda!

Carmen was as much famed for her outrageous costumes as she was for singing voice and acting talent. Her style was lavish and fun and her headwear was truly spectacular! Often made from lame, plaited or adorned with plastic fruit her turbans were a work of art.

Several of my favourite looks she wore can be in the 1943 classic ‘The Gangs All Here’ where Carmen played ‘Dorita’ and includes one of her most memorable songs, ‘The Lady In The Tutti Fruitti Hat’, watch the full film here and feast your eyes on those incredible costumes!

Like Carmen, I like a good bit of height to my turbans and here’s me out and about in my new full coverage, twist front turban during a fantastic recent birthday trip to Copenhagen (full travel blog coming soon!). You can order one of my turbans from my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SarahsDooWopDos

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