Turban Tuesday: Lucille Ball

img_5656Today’s #turbantuesday is someone who I absolutely love as an actress, so I was thrilled to find several pics of her rocking a turban look!

Lucille Ball is know for her role as the funny, redhead from fifties TV show ‘I Love Lucy’ and I have recreated her iconic ‘poodle’ hairdo many, many times in my salon.

I greatly admire her charm and style, she always seemed like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with! The pictures below are a bit different to the look that we identify with her but are still ever so stylish! I particularly like the fabric turban in the colour image, definitely something I’ll be trying to make for myself (although the problem with running a sewing business is that, these days, I never get time to make myself anything!)

These images look like a young Lucille taken earlier in her career and I think she looks amazing in 1940s fashion! I really love the forties style turbans and, as you can see from these pictures, there were a huge variation in designs and fabrics. Below is a quick turban I whipped up from an old sequin top that’s sewn in place. I need to find a reason to wear this again and pull more ‘I Love Lucy’ faces!



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