Turban Tuesday: Charlotte White of Restoration Cake

Today’s #TurbanTuesday has been written by my awesome friend Charlotte White of Restoration Cake.

This lady is beyond stylish, not to mention an amazing business lady, so let me hand over over to the fantastic Charlotte!

Charlotte white: My family motto is ‘Never Knowingly Underdressed’ and I’d go so far as to say that I am pretty much always overdressed. Friends laugh at me when I turn up for coffee in stilettos and a wiggle dress, my underwear is all retro shapewear, and the only jeans I own are cute little capri styled ones.

I am rarely comfortable!
My job is one that I describe as ‘travelling showgirl chef’ – I may be a chef but when I am demonstrating on stage at food festivals up and down the country, I am doing so in my full retro style. I am not the type to throw on chef’s whites and roll onto the stage. Shows are generally three days long and I’m up on those heels, in that corsetry, hair sprayed to within an inch of its life to last the day in the heat of a kitchen set.
When I get home, I sometimes need to slip into something more comfortable. Outfits of choice include high-waisted wide-legged trousers paired with cute printed t-shirts, huge comfy circle skirts, and ALWAYS a turban.

Because I don’t have a fringe, I pull a section of my hair from one side of my forehead to the other and pin it into a sort of mock-fringe. I have a high forehead so this is pretty much essential! Adorned with a hair flower or pin, I find that one turban ends up having loads of looks.
I know that we retro girls put a great deal of effort into looking picture perfect every day but it’s got to be a good thing to let the hair sit fallow for a day, right? Personally, I also use my turban if my hair is freshly washed because I can’t do a darn thing with it on those days.
There is something about pulling on a turban that makes me feel like I have made an effort, even if (by my own rather impossibly high standards) I haven’t. On long days spent in my own kitchen working on wedding cakes for my gorgeous clients or developing recipes for my website or the magazines I write for, I love that my turban keeps my hair away from my face and the food, while looking stylish enough to leave the house if necessary!

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